Tips for Successful Family Road Trips

Are you about to embark on a vacation adventure for the whole family?  This can be stress inducing or full of exciting anticipation.  Depending on the ages of your children, road trips can certainly be a cause for anxiety. Follow these recommendations from the travel professionals and you’ll soon be on the road to making memories destined to last a lifetime.

If you’re heading to the beach, be sure to book your trip well in advance to ensure a large selection of homes from which to choose. If you’ve decided on a trip to the Florida amusement parks, consider taking advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and check out the deals available at Best of Orlando.  You’ll appreciate the savings as you accumulated restaurant and gas station tabs!

Ensure that your car has been properly serviced. This should include tire and oil checks as well as wiper blade condition. There’s nothing worse than breaking down on the side of the road with a car full of young children and a trunk full of luggage. If necessary, run your car through the car wash to start your trip with a clean interior and exterior.

Enlist the children, where age appropriate, in selecting games for the car trip. An overload of videos will result in very cranky children on arrival. Not only that, you’ll be missing an opportunity to engage and bond with your family if they’re glued to video games for the duration of the trip.  Word games, card games and magnetic board games are a few of the options available. Select snacks for the trip. These should be healthy snacks that are low on sugar and high in protein. The last thing you want to do is feed children an abundance of sugar and have them overstimulated during a long road trip.

Finally, take plenty of pictures. The time with small children often seems like the longest days and the shortest years. This is a trip they will remember for years. Having pictures to stimulate those memories will be an added bonus!